Comprendre le monde! Réveillez-vous!

Nous devons nous rappeler que le gouvernement obtient ce qu’il veut. Il ne veut pas que vos enfants soient scolarisés. Il ne veut pas que tu penses trop. C’est pourquoi notre monde s’écroule dans les pubs, la presse populaire, les émissions de télévision et toutes sortes de distractions pour garder l’esprit humain occupé afin que vous ne dérangiez pas les «personnes importantes» en pensant trop …

Vous feriez mieux de vous réveiller et de comprendre qu’il y a des personnes qui mènent votre vie et que vous ne connaissez même pas.

“Plus vous commencez à creuser ce que nous pensons que nous comprenons, d’où nous venons, ce que nous pensons que nous faisons, plus vous commencez à voir que nous avons été mentir. Nous avons été trompés par toutes les institutions. Qu’est-ce qui vous fait penser pendant une minute que l’institution religieuse est la seule qui a déjà été atteinte? “

Les institutions religieuses de ce monde sont au sommet de la terre. Les institutions religieuses de ce monde sont établies par ceux qui vous ont offert votre gouvernement, votre éducation corrompue, qui ont conçu vos cartels bancaires internationaux parce que nos maîtres n’ont rien à voir avec vous ou avec vos familles! Tout ce qui compte pour eux est tout ce qui les a toujours importés, c’est contrôler ce putain de monde. 

Nous avons été détournés de la présence vraie et divine dans l’univers que nous appelons Dieu. Je ne sais pas ce que Dieu est, mais je sais ce que ce n’est pas. Et à moins que – ou jusqu’à ce que vous soyez prêt à regarder toute la vérité, peu importe où cela mène, si vous voulez regarder dans une autre direction, quelque part en chemin, vous découvrirez que vous êtes opposé à la justice Divine.

Plus vous vous éduquez, plus vous comprenez d’où viennent les choses, plus les choses deviennent évidentes. Et vous commencez à voir des mensonges partout.


La police n’est pas ce que vous pensez. Le shérif n’est pas ce que vous pensez qu’il est.
Les banques ne font pas ce que vous pensez qu’elles font.
Les gouvernements ne fonctionnent d’aucune façon comme vous le pensez.

And that’s why today, when you look at what’s going on in the world, nothing makes sense , everything seems mad . Everything seems very destructive. But in reality, it’s because you do not know how the system works.

It works perfectly well!

The rich get richer and the poor become poorer.
People, the masses are held busy with television, alcohol, and drugs, and the rich continue to get rich.

And so the system works perfectly well, once you understand how the world really works  and that nothing works as you think.

All my life, I have been interested in theology and spirituality. That’s my real passion. Not to learn things through it, but on them.

No one is happy to be confronted with the truth. And there are some courageous people, maybe like you today who are at least open to hearing things that may come into conflict with what you believe or know who are at least truth seekers. That’s what I’ve always been, a seeker of truth.

I always say that I am not the main authority in this world over anything because I am smart enough to acknowledge my ignorance. But when you start to understand how governments work, banks, you start to see a world you’ve never really known. The word I use is “occult”. Occult means simply hidden. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the world today. Our governments, banks, our educational institutions, etc., act on a totally occult, or hidden basis. So what we are told or what we are given to understand is not the truth. 

Most people never ask the question: Why do Catholic priests wear a black dress? Children who finish high school in the USA wear black dresses. The judges wear black dresses. The rabbis wear black robes. Because it represents the planet Saturn. They are a symbol of the planet Saturn. Saturn was called by the ancient “Lord of the Rings”. And Saturn is thus, “Lord of the Rings.”
That is why women in the ancient world have been told to listen to their gods. And the concept was that they wear a ring to the ear. Men had to marry before their god. And so, they wore wedding rings because one of the ancient gods of the Middle East was the planet Saturn. Saturn was directly connected Yavhe, the Hebrew god. That is why even today Jews celebrate the worship of Saturn.
Look in the Phoenician language, you will find that the planet Saturn was called Sabbath . And his celebration, which was to be held once a week, was baptized the Sabbath. Thus, when the Jews celebrate the Sabbath, they actually pay tribute to their god Saturn, Lord of the Rings. So, when you start to discover where the religions came from, where theology comes from, the six-pointed star, for example, is called the Star of David. In reality, it is not the Star of David.
All encyclopedias and reference works will tell you that it is called the star of Saturn.  It’s a hexagram. The hexagrams represented the planet Saturn. So when you look at the Christian system of things, the church is a scandal in my opinion. Period.  The Christian Church is a dishonor. Everything that comes out of the Christian Church in America is a shame. It is full of lies, deception, insinuations. It is a lucrative multinational that operates in accordance with the law of maritime admiralty and there is a whole body of knowledge that has not been given to Christians about the scriptures, from whom wrote the Bible, whence she came.
I have found that even Judaism is a religion that is not dated before BC It did not exist before JC So when we talk about the ancient Jerusalem there was no Israel. Ancient Jerusalem, yes, but no ancient Israel. When you think about how preachers and religious leaders talk about ancient Israel this, ancient Israel that, Israel is actually not a religion dating back to before JC.
In their book, it is the message they deliver. There was no Moses or King Solomon. Nor King David. All this was probably written in the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries of our era, in Europe. In the end all this was developed and taken up by the Jesuits and the Catholic Church and re-engraved into a history, then presented today as an ancient Israel. There was no ancient Israel. That never existed. There was no Moses, no King Solomon.


So you take Sol-om-on, the three names of the Sun in ancient esoteric languages. And that becomes SALOMON. Similarly in the ancient Bibles, the old bibles of the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries, there is no mention of King David, but of the “Druid King” and incidentally the system of government and laws in which we live today In America and in the Western world is a druidic system . America is a druidic country. Canada is Druidic, as I said. Western civilization is a druidic establishment.
The Druids were a very powerful priesthood in Europe. Even before the Roman Empire existed. They were lawyers, lawyers, religious leaders, politicians. This was called the druidic system. One of the most important symbols in the druidic system was a magic wand like Merlin the Magician and his magic wand. Conductors use a magic wand. It is a druidic symbol.
The druid symbol of the magic wand was made from the wood of a holly. A Hollywood holy wood and the entire Hollywood establishment is a druidic system. So if you do not understand Druid symbols, you will never know what is happening in Hollywood, where it is funded, who funds it, and how it all works in relation to the government. 

Hollywood lies

This began long before Hollywood, in engravings of stones, encrypted in books, constructions of temples or cathedrals, even in the construction even of entire cities like Washington or the Vatican.

Nowadays, they hide their secrets and plans in the logo of their companies, public buildings, their TV shows and of course in Hollywood movies.

Hollywood means “the holy wood” in reference to Hollywood used by the druids, Hollywood, it is the magic wand that presents the illusion to the people . The name of this city is not a coincidence, it was built by a community of Druids originally.


The founders of the cinema studios were originally all members of Cabal see definition on wikipedia , either illuminatis members, Priory of Zion and other knights of the cross Of Malta … in short all of the globalist and elitist mafia.

These founders were financed by the illuminatis banks and thus controlled by them.

The best known example of the evil and occult deviants of Hollywood is Walt Disney . He was Richard Nixon’s best friend. He was a member of the Priory of Sion, Illuminati ( Disney is one of the 13 families of illuminati ) and Freemason of the 33rd degree. He filled his cartoons with Masonic symbols and subliminal pedophile images to prepare children for the new world order.


Note: If you believe that these are coincidences or that this is only interpretation, you are really very naive. In the Hollywood business world everyone knows who was Papi Walt … do your own research, but do not let you fall asleep.


1. Towards which trades pedophiles are directed?
Answer: To those where there are children of course!

2. If you were an evil leader of the new world order, what society would you use to condition future generations?
Answer: Walt Disney

Walt Disney is an important component of the spirits programming body called “Monarch Project”, formerly called “MK Ultra” program created by the Nazis during the Second World War and recovered by the Americans during Operation “Paper Clip” . The Monarch Project aims to create sexual slaves for the needs of the Elites of the New World Order. The goal is the perversion of children, the sexualization of children, the breaking of their connection to their minds to make them soulless slaves.

The list of garbage bands that own and run Hollywood is very long, all major studios are part of the same mafia of tares who control us and want to impose their NEW World Order.

 All of your favorite directors are part of it, who unfortunately have enormous talent, for example Steven Spielberg, who recently asked the Cabal to create a film about the slave trade in which he scripted Catholics as the basis of this slave trade. Everybody else knows the names of the boat owners who have served for the slave trade. And they are not Catholics.

You can not succeed in Hollywood without being part of this mafia because you simply will not be funded.


Not all screenwriters, producers or directors have any knowledge of the hidden projects to be included in the film either in a highly visible or hidden (more subliminal) way. For the most important scenarios of the new world order that have to be put on the screen, here’s how it happens:

The scenarios are written by scribes directly under the dictation of the Elites of the new world order (illuminatis, cabale …) and are sent to the Studios. At the same time that the studio receives the scenario it also receives a call from a producer (man of straw of one of the big bankers illuminatis) that assures wanting to finance the project.

The studio that takes no risk accepts, provided the infrastructure and its best director to create the film.

This is how to do a world brainwashing and what’s more will pay off most of the money time (even if the main purpose is not that money).


1. Condition the brain of the people (make these messages clear or subtle) and thus prepare the human mind to accept the unacceptable through the creation of fear and lies.

2. Hiding the truth from the people by making science fiction events real.

Note: The term science fiction was created voluntarily to associate science (real) with a fiction (not real). Nothing but this term is an obvious mouth-fucking. Either a film is real, or it is a fiction, mixing these 2 terms is a manipulation. It is like the term “conspiracy theory”, have you noticed that the term “conspiracy” is systematically demystified by the system by always associating it with the word “Theory”?Words have a very important power, we must refuse to resume their slogans, think of it.

I will give you some examples now of known movies that are totally or partially based on real facts. You’re going to have a hard time believing, I know, I did not believe it before I did my research … But the truth goes beyond fiction and even imagination.


Released in 1977, the film traces the history of a contact of the American government with Extra Terrestrials. This story is 90% real and tells the story of the first contact that took place with an American president, President Eisenhower, of the military and members of the world government in 1954 on the basis of Edwards (Air Force), formerly named “Muroc Airfield”, east of California in the desert.


There is an enormous amount  of material on the Internet showing images of cinema movies dating from 5 to 7 years before September 11, 2001 in which 11/09 appears in the picture . Especially in the original film  Matrix . In the original version of Matrix , something  is given to the actor, such as an attestation to sign which is his identification, or something of the kind; And the camera zoomed in just at the moment it signs it. But if you stop the film and rewind it, and zoom into it, you will see that the document is related to something that will happen. It is written, September 11, 2001 .

And it was well before 11/09/2001. Chris Carter is a classic example of what I’m talking about in Hollywood. When X files stopped, Chris Carter, the producer, started a new TV series called  The Long Gunmen  and the very first episode was a pilot episode for this new series. And this episode came out around February or March 2001. The new series by Chris Carter,  The Long Gunmen  began broadcast on Fox Television. And in the very first episode, it talks about how factions within the US government were going to crash 757 on the World Trade Center and intentionally overthrow them. And in the film, you see planes crashing into the WTC. It was eight months before the events took place. Chris Carter tells you something in the film and the characters in the film wonder: why do these government people do that? And one of the guys said: because we have to control the Middle East . We have to control oil flows. We must have a dominant place in the Middle East so that we can promote wars that are good for business. All this is in the film. And it shows the aircraft crashing on the WTC. General Electric, about 3 or 4 years before 11/09, pulled out a refrigerator in Italy. You can see a flying jet in the World Trade Center. It shows the WTC and a large plane running right on the towers and I have many,

All I’m saying is that Hollywood knows what’s going on and this whole thing has been orchestrated behind the scenes to overturn the WTC. And this event to be reinforced made well aware of how governments operate, religions and banks function.

There are only two spaces that count on this planet. Land and water. People live on earth. So the law of the land is the law of the people who live on earth. That is why it is called the law of the earth. But the law of the land is different in every country. Because it is the law of the people who live on the land in question. You can do things in Russia that you can not do in America. You can do things in South Africa that you can not do in China. So the law of the land is different in each country. But the law of water is the law of money, liquidity. Cash money. 

I will give you an example of how this works, because when a ship arrives at a port, it arrives on the water and brings products. Therefore , all boats must, in accordance with the law, bear a female name. That is why you will always hear a captain say that she is a good ship. It is navigable because all boats have female names. And the reason is that it delivers the product.

When a ship arrives at a port, it is parked in the docks. Each cargo that is disembarked from the boat must have a Certificate of Manifesto and the boat, where it is moored is in its berth (Berth). Likewise, when you were born, you came out of your mother’s waters.

In fact, your body is guaranteed on the New York Stock Exchange. If you take your social security card, at the back of this card you will see a series of numbers . And they represent your physical body on the New York Stock Exchange . And if you take a banknote, any American bill, you will see a series of numbers, code numbers on the ticket. You match the numbers on the ticket .

This is because there are 6 and a half million dollars at most circulating worldwide with your social security numbers on the ticket. Because your body is a guarantee on the New York Stock Exchange. They buy and sell your body to New York dung.

Most people do not understand this and have no idea what I’m talking about. But that is how banks work.

I also discovered that banks and government are essentially based on religion. Religion is behind all this. That is why I have no respect for religions. I have a reasonable respect for law and order. I am not stupid to the point of not understanding the need for traffic lights and things that are decided by law so that people can live together. But I have no respect for religion, government, the banking sector and especially educational institutions. Because I know who finances these institutions. I know where the money comes from. Our banks were brought to us by the Templars. The Masonic Lodge of the Templars in Europe. Our educational institutions, universities and colleges, Were brought to us by the Masonic order from Rome. That is why the Black Mortarboard is a Catholic symbol. 

How many Jews do they know that when they wear the Kippa, it is not a Jewish symbol? It’s Roman. That is why the Pope is wearing a Kippah. That is why the cardinals wear the Kippa. It is a Roman symbol, not a Jew. The Jews were told to wear the Kippa to show their submission to Rome and they became so accustomed to wear it, that they think it is a Jewish symbol. 

Another thing that bothers me, when it comes to religions, is that there is a world of difference between anti-Jew and anti-Semite. It does not mean the same thing at all. When you hear someone use the term anti-Semite, remember that there are four kinds of Semites. The North-Semites, the South-Semites, the West-Semites, and the East-Semites.

The Arabs are Semites. So, when you say of someone that he is anti-Semite, it means that he is against 13 races of people in the world. 13 nations. When someone says something against the Jews, he is anti-Jewish, not anti-Semitic. This is just a minor point, but it is a major point for me because people use terms, false terms, and they do not understand what they are saying. Concerning religions and government educational institutions. I have found that unintentionally, many people yield to what their masters expect of them. What your masters want from you is that you are in compliance. They want you to think what they told you to think.


If you have the opportunity to observe what happens behind the cameras, in the national television studios and observe the people of the information networks during their work. What most people do not realize is that for the evening TV channels JT, when you see the reporter talking to you directly, he seems to be talking to the camera giving you the news. In fact, that is not what happens.

There is a large box with a television screen in the background. And there is a window in an angle and there is a type sitting next to the typist typing, unless the text is already ready.

They tell reporters what to say word for word.  Then the television screen illuminates this glass which directly reflects the reporter who is sitting to look into the camera and read the news. So, it just reads what someone has written. And the guy wrote it because his boss told him what to write. The news is nothing more than what someone higher up wants you to believe. That is why I have no respect for the news . I do not watch TV. On the other hand I’m interested in Hollywood or by the films as such, because there are many interesting and revealing things in these films.

For governments, I would say, I think it comes down to a game between two gangs.  That’s all. Just a gang that’s superior to another gang. Unless of course another gang gets a little more money and becomes a little more vicious and then resumes the city. So it’s a gang war. Because, after all, when we sum up all this, there is only one thing left: we are all human. And as Martin Luther King said, humans as organizations are much more despicable than individuals. Individuals can be bad and corrupt. But when you have a whole bunch of bad and corrupt individuals and they wear uniforms and insignia, then you have a gang. Unless of course another gang gets a little more money and becomes a little more vicious and then resumes the city. So it’s a gang war. Because, after all, when we sum up all this, there is only one thing left: we are all human. And as Martin Luther King said, humans as organizations are much more despicable than individuals. Individuals can be bad and corrupt. But when you have a whole bunch of bad and corrupt individuals and they wear uniforms and insignia, then you have a gang. Unless of course another gang gets a little more money and becomes a little more vicious and then resumes the city. So it’s a gang war. Because, after all, when we sum up all this, there is only one thing left: we are all human. And as Martin Luther King said, humans as organizations are much more despicable than individuals. Individuals can be bad and corrupt. But when you have a whole bunch of bad and corrupt individuals and they wear uniforms and insignia, then you have a gang. Humans as organizations are much more vile than individuals. Individuals can be bad and corrupt. But when you have a whole bunch of bad and corrupt individuals and they wear uniforms and insignia, then you have a gang. Humans as organizations are much more vile than individuals. Individuals can be bad and corrupt. But when you have a whole bunch of bad and corrupt individuals and they wear uniforms and insignia, then you have a gang.

Et même la police m’a dit des choses comme: vous savez, nous sommes le plus grand gang de la ville. Mais nous sommes légaux. Nous pouvons faire ce que nous voulons. Donc, j’ai bien compris depuis longtemps que le gouvernement se rendait à une guerre de gangs. Qui va diriger cette ville? Quelle famille des enfers dirigera ce secteur de la ville? C’est pourquoi je ne respecte pas le gouvernement, le secteur bancaire ou autre chose.

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